HUGE NEW FEATURES: Personalized Webpages. The Vook Store. An HTML5 eReader.

by Matthew Cavnar on

Today we're launching important new features on Vook: Our Vook Store, personalized eBook Webpages, and the ability to sell your eBook via a browser reader and keep 85% of your royalties!

And we've got new pricing: To automatically distribute to Amazon, BN, iBooks and get your final files, it's a one-time only fee of $99. For that $99, we'll give you your files, sell your title through our eTailer accounts, provide a sales tracking dashboard, and pay you 100% of your net royalties from Amazon, BN, and iBooks.

You can try it yourself now at!

Get into Vook. Publish your eBook to our store. Tell your audience to check it out. Keep 85% of your royalties.

Here's an overview of the three new platform features:

  • THE VOOK STORE: now features our new storefront. When you publish your eBook into the Vook store, it will automatically appear as a new release -- and in the category you choose for it. We'll be featuring the best new titles published to Vook, merchandizing best sellers and offering special promotions through our storefront.
  • PERSONALIZED WEBPAGES: Creating an eBook in the Vook platform also now generates a personalized eBook Webpage. This Webpage ┬áincludes a description of the book, the cover image, other books by the same author, and a detailed author bio and headshot. It's fully SEO optimized. You get your Webpage free when you publish through Vook. You can update your page at any time.
  • BROWSER READER: Your Webpage isn't just for promotion--it also allows you to sell your eBook and keep 85% of your royalties via Vook's HTML5 browser reader. An HTML5 browser reader is an elegant way for your audience to read your eBook on a desktop or mobile device. We're extremely proud of our HTML5 experience--it's one of the best on the market. Using Vook, any author can have access to this world class technology for free.
Vook lets you create professional, top-level eBooks as good or better than the eBooks created by publishers. Our technology is the best solution for eBook creation and publishing today. And we're putting it in your hands. So check it out now at!
If you're an author who has published eBooks, don't hesitate to bring your files to us. We'll distribute them via Vook. You'll have a new distribution channel that pays 85% of your royalties. It's free. It's easy. And it looks great.
Give it a try and tell us what you think! We're on Twitter @Vooktv and available via email at!

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