How To Make Money on Vook

by Matthew Cavnar on

I can’t say it clearly enough: If you have an eBook—no matter where else it’s been published—you can sell it in our Vook Store and keep 85% of your net royalties.  How?  Just create a new account on the Vook platform or log into your existing account, upload your eBook, and choose to sell it on Vook. To log in or create a new account, click this link: Authors have asked: “Do I have to create the eBook in Vook?” The answer: No. You can bring us your ePub, Mobi or Word file—and we can put it up for you. They also ask: “But how can people buy my eBook on Vook?” The answer: It’s easy. Anyone can buy your eBook (after previewing it if they want!) and read it on an iPhone, iPad, or a desktop Web browser.  Our online eReading experience is optimized for mobiles and for desktops using HTML5 technology. That means you can purchase and read one of our books on your iPad—without having to go through another ecommerce storefront. Of course, we’d love if you used Vook and created a new eBook—but many of you already have titles for sale in other channels. You should add Vook to your list of eTailers. It doesn’t cost a cent. Go to to get started now! If you email me ( or Jeffrey ( , we’ll even put your eBook up on sale for you. What are you waiting for? Start making money with Vook. 

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