Brazil: a novel and...Twitter feed?

by Allison Horton on

It's the 500 year history of Brazil told through Errol Lincoln Uys's riveting novel, Brazil and in turn, Brazil's Twitter feed, @BrazilANovel. Errol has been tweeting the epic story everyday, 140 characters at a time. Brazil currently has 7,760 followers (which don't include the followers to Errol the author's Twitter, @ErrolLincolnUys). It's a novel approach (no pun intended) to engaging fans, piquing their interest, and getting a book out there. Could it be the hypermodern equivalent to the modern-day eBook previews available before purchase?

The story of Brazil, from colony to modern republic, is told through the stories of two dominant, powerful families, both searching for El Dorado over generations. There's passion, violence, triumph, and tragedy throughout the saga, bringing to life the very real history of Brazil. Preview Brazil on Vook's store (or Twitter!), and purchase it here.

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