Why Romney Lost and Why the eBook Won

by Allison Horton on

Vook and the benefits of ePublishing received a lot of attention last weekend: three days after the presidential election, Newsweek partnered with Vook to release Why Romney Lost by David Frum, the first in-depth analysis of the Republican campaign by an authoritative voice since the election. The ability to publish and sell a book so quickly demonstrates the power of "just in time publishing." Vook can enable your company with this strategy today. Visit vook.com and sign up to learn more.

Here is what the press had to say about Vook and Why Romney Lost:

  • Good E-Reader's Mercy Pilkington writes, "of the many benefits to come from digital publishing, the reduction of seemingly unnecessary delays and hold times has been one of the most popular for authors, publishers, and readers alike. Where books on current events or notable figures would often take months to reach the market, long after the fervor had died down, ebooks are reaching consumers’ bookshelves within hours of an event."

  • Dianna Dilworth of MediaBistro's Galley Cat notes, "the magazine publisher and digital publishing company Vook used technology to get the title Why Romney Lost to digital bookshelves while the subject is still on the public’s mind."

  • Digital Book World and The Passive Voice quote Mark Miller, Newsweek/Daily Beast Director of Editorial Operations: “The team at Vook moved fast—important to us as we needed to get Frum’s Why Romney Lost into the marketplace quickly to beat the post-election crush—the platform is highly usable and their team has established marketing experience and resources. We look forward to working with them on future titles.

And we’re proud of Newsweek! Why Romney Lost hit #10 on iBookstore’s “top ten paid eBooks,” #33 on Amazon’s "top 100 paid eBooks,” and #1 on both retailers’ Politics sections.

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